Why Is Canada Housing Market So HOT (+Advice For House Hunters)

Back in January we made a market outlook video suggesting that this yr we’re going to see worth enhance particularly for big items. It’s been 1 month into 2021 and all of Canada’s housing market is HOT! There has been absurd quantity of overbidding and worth enhance!! In this video we’re going to talk about why is Canada’s housing market so scorching, what might quiet down the market, and a few recommendation for home hunters who’re attempting to compete on this scorching Canada housing market!

The video is only private opinion and shouldn’t be acted on as monetary recommendation

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▼ Time Stamps

[0:00] Start
[1:05] Upward Force #1: Low Interest Rate
[2:35] Upward Force #2: Lumber Cost
[3:28] Upward Force #3: WFH
[4:33] Upward Force #4: Extra Down Payment
[5:30] Upward Force #5: Market Sentiment
[6:06] Upward Force #6: Supply
[7:40] Upward Force #7: COVID
[8:34] 5 Downward Pressures
[9:00] Why Interest Rate Unlikely To Change
[10:18] Certain Industries Are Booming
[12:10] Everything Solved by Borrowing More!
[13:28] Debt Crisis Looming?
[15:07] Personal Advice For House Hunters

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