TNT Live | 05/13/21 | Mike Acquisto & Shana Acquisto | Real Estate Talk Show

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Shana Acquisto In The News on Chanel 11
Celebrity Home Tour Review: Faith Hill/Tim McGraw Private Island

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Shana Acquisto and Mike Acquisto, Broker of Acquisto Real Estate discuss the most pressing real estate topics each M-F at 8:45 am central on Acquisto Real Estate TV, a blooming real estate Talk Show.

Intro : (0:00)
Daily Overview : (0:25)
Where in the world is Producer O? : (3:48)
Go after Expired/cancelled form 2020 : (7:04)
Show off of Lucas Property on the news : (18:32)
Real Estate Word of the day : (21:27)
That’s a Wrap : (22:53)
The End : (30:29)

Topics covered today
Episode 566
Producer O reporting remotely
Shana will be joining remotely from Lucas Ranch
Use of Discord – software

1. Where in the world is Producer O?
Omkar is in Moscow – Russia
He loves traveling, and Russia was the place he could fly easily and get the visa
Long sky diving
Thirst for life and doing things

2. Go after Expired/cancelled form 2020
People who want to sell their property
We are all in the hunt of listings for our clients
Do a search and make sure they are not listed now
Why some properties didn’t sell last year
They don’t realize that values went up during last year.
Value of connections
Get new listings
Not desirable last year
Still motivated to sell??

3. Show off of Lucas Property on the news
News station reached out Shana to show the Lucas Ranch property on the news
Invited everyone at noon to the property
Logan will do a final video of the property – behind the scenes

Real Estate Word of the Day:
Cloud on title- Any conditions revealed by a title search that adversely affect the title to real estate. Usually clouds on title cannot be removed except by deed, release, or court action.

That’s a wrap:
Video of producer O in Moscow
Expired/Cancelled properties on 2020
Agent workshops reminder


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