The Next Step For Real Estate Developers | Sebastian Rein, Founder of ADDAZERO Development #CoLiving

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As the founder and driving force behind ADDAZERO Development, Sebastian has over 19 years’ experience as a real estate developer, completing over $175M in transactions across multi-family, mixed-use, and luxury residential asset classes.

He spoke at the RealShare Apartments 2018 conference to talk about Coliving.

He lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife, son, and daughter.


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This show is a passion project of Christine McDannell, the Co-founder of Kndrd, the first management software platform and global directory for Coliving. She is also the Founder of Kindred Quarters in California and published the first book on Coliving in 2018: The Coliving Code.

One of the biggest problems plaguing modern society is real estate and social challenges. People are signing away their paychecks on rent and feeling increasingly isolated. Christine is on a personal mission to solve these problems through the CoLiving movement by helping redefine the term ‘housemate’ with something meaningful, sustainable, and flexible on a global level.

People now are choosing access over ownership and new real estate projects need to be built specifically for the way humans are now deciding to live together.

These interviews feature experts in the field who share their own successes and journeys.


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