Real Estate Tax Planning Canada – Accountant Mississauga

What ought to you realize about tax with regards to investing in actual property?

As an Accountant in Mississauga and avid actual property investor, I’ve disclosed the tax secrets and techniques to actual property investing, beneath. By utilizing these tax secrets and techniques, you may actually save a ton in tax.

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Table of Contents

00:28 — Incorporate Tax Into Real Estate?
02:24 — Capital Cost Allowance/Tax Depreciation
03:31 — Selling Real Estate Holdings and Capital Gains Tax
04:35 — Income Splitting with Family Members
05:24 — What Can Be Deducted

Allan Madan is an Accountant in Mississauga and Tax Expert. He can also be an avid actual property investor and has given a number of lectures on actual property tax planning in Canada.
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