My Top 5 Pre-Selling Condo for Flipping // Real Estate Q&A // Cash Giveaway

Good day REAL PROS! It’s me, Richard Carvajal., your real property expert.
Today is a very special day and in today’s episode we will have many things to talk about. But first of all, I want to share with you a great news. I was awarded as the “2020 Lamudi’s People’s Choice Award (Broker of the Year)” and would like to thank everyone for the unwavering support.

For those who isn’t familiar with Lamudi, it is the leading online real estate platform here in the Philippines. It is the ideal platform that connects property seekers with real estate brokers, developers and private owners. Lamudi Philippines helps individuals find their ideal house, condominium, lot, or commercial property whether for personal use or for investment purposes.

I asked you in Facebook and in Instagram to throw me some real estate related questions and this is where I will try answering as much of it as I can. I’ll also be giving a special announcement so make sure to watch till the end of this special vlog.

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – 2020 Lamudi’s People’s Choice Award
1:54 – Q&A Time
2:27 – When is the best time to flip a property?
3:15 – How to find a good real estate agent?
4:17 – How can a student start investing in real estate?
5:14 – How to know the yearly property yield of a certain location?
6:13 – Which developer do I work for?
6:52 – Is Quezon City a good place to invest in 2021?
7:19 – When to start investing?
8:15 – Did covid pandemic affect condo prices drastically?
9:07 – Maximum cost for design in a rental 20sqm unit?
9:48 – Best pre-selling condo for flipping?
10:57 – Where to look for potential renters?
11:35 – How to know if a property is worth buying?
12:13 – Where did I learn my real estate expertise?
12:47 – What’s better for investing? House & Lot or Multi Unit Apartment?
14:21 – Special Announcement
16:12 – Outro


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