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Abraham Lincoln advised a lawyer he was writing to in a letter that he should always think about the opportunities to be a peacemaker. And that applies fairly well in my practice, which is a combination of litigation and transactional work focused on trying to avoid unnecessary conflict and bringing parties together were possible.

Hi, my name is Phillip Beggs. My practice at Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele is very broad. What I do is a combination of transactional work and litigation. I handle commercial real estate of all descriptions. I work on lease and negotiations often on the tenant’s side. But handling landlord developments as well. We do regular commercial closings and I participate in all of that. I also handle a good variety of commercial litigation, often enforcing contracts. Construction contract is certainly a part of that. The broader, what we call business divorce work is part of what I do and for the last ten years or so in my practice. I’ve even branched out and been handling some fiduciary litigation in the probate courts here in Northwest Georgia.

One of the things that makes Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele unique I believe is the location out in the suburbs in Marietta in Cobb County where we have tried to develop long-term relationships drilling well down into the business community in our county. We have clients that I’ve been working for for 20 plus years through multiple up and down cycles. As with any service organization, we try to provide good service and we try to be an adviser as opposed to just the transactional person solving an immediate problem. What I’m most passionate about in my life is of course my family, my wife and two daughters who keep me pretty busy as things go by. We spend a lot of time here in Northwest Georgia hiking and enjoying nature. And of course I love my bulldogs and I spend a lot of painful Saturdays in Athens dealing with them.

I said earlier that what I aspire to be is an adviser. I’d like to hear what your situation is and what your legal need are, and then I think this firm can find someone to help you whatever situation you’re facing.

Our Philosophy at Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele is, we believe that for quality legal representation, a firm must address the law and the specialized needs of each individual client. We are dedicated to providing the best quality legal services and personalized attention to each and every one of our clients. We believe that our clients deserve no less.

Our Firm was founded in 1984 with that philosophy and it remains the very core of our practice today. An exceptional degree of service is what sets us apart from other firms and enables us to form long-term, beneficial relationships with our clients.

Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele, LLP, a full service law firm providing legal advice to its clients in virtually all aspects of Captive Insurance Companies; Conservation Easements; Civil and Commercial Litigation; Commercial Real Estate, Zoning and Land Use; Construction Law and Litigation; Corporate Law; Employment Law; Environmental Law; Estate Planning; Family and Criminal Law; Insurance Defense; Probate Litigation; Taxation; and Workers’ Compensation.

The Firm was established by our Senior Partner, John H. Moore, in 1984 and was initially housed in what was once the old Greyhound bus terminal (1947-1982) just one block from the Cobb County courthouses. Refurbishment and addition to this historic building in 1985 and again in 1997 have facilitated our growth to over 60 attorneys and a dedicated staff of support personnel. The Knoxville Office is located in convenient West Knoxville at the Cedar Ridge Office Park on Cedar Bluff Road. The Knoxville office relocated to larger accommodations in 2006 in order to accommodate the need for additional attorneys and staff.

By providing our clients with a full range of services, we are able to support them in almost any legal situation they may encounter. Above all, we are committed to representation in the most professional manner possible and dedicated to service that is as individual as each client.

Professional, knowledgeable and personal service at a level seldom found in the legal profession today is found everyday at Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele.

NOTICE: You are not a client of this law firm and we do not represent you unless you have a signed attorney/client agreement with this law firm. No duties or privileged relationships are intended to be created by this communication where they do not otherwise exist.

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