How to Pass Your Real Estate License Exam the First Time: Taking the Test

Go to for the perfect coaching movies for brand spanking new actual property brokers or if you’re within the means of getting your actual property license. Kevin Ward, worldwide actual property coach and Founder of Kevin Ward Real Estate Academy.

In these two movies, Kevin provides you the precise course of for how you can simply go your actual property licensing examination or actual property dealer examination the primary time. To watch the primary video on how you can put together to your examination, click on this hyperlink :

In this video Kevin explains how you can take the check and go it with flying colours in your first try. Follow these eight steps:

#1. CONTINUE DECLARATIONS. Continue chanting your optimistic declarations. Keep your ideas optimistic and assured.

#2. BREATHE. Take 60 seconds to calm down.  Close your eyes, take 4 or 5 deep breathes in, maintain them for five seconds after which exhale slowly.  Calm your thoughts.  Visualize your self figuring out each reply simply.

#3. SEE THE ANSWER. Read every query with out trying on the solutions first, and let the reply pop into your head, after which take a look at the solutions to seek out the one which popped into your thoughts. If you do not know the reply instantly after trying on the reply, mark it, and skip it.

#4. ANSWER THE EASY ONES FIRST. Just reply those you realize. Go by way of all the check and reply solely the inquiries to which you realize the reply for positive.  

#5. SKIP HARD & MATH QUESTIONS. On your scratch paper, create 2 columns, one with a query mark (?) and one with an M.
If you do not know reply to a query put that quantity within the ?-column and skip it.  Don’t attempt to keep in mind the reply, simply learn the query and let your unconscious work on discovering the reply when you go on with the remainder of the check. When you come to a questions that could be a Math query that can require a while to work out, merely put the variety of that query within the  M-column and skip it. This manner you may get throughout the check, get most of it completed, after which you’ve got loads of time to return and concentrate on the harder and/or harder questions.

#6. DOUBLE CHECK your math solutions by working it backwards and see if it nonetheless comes out proper.  Most math questions have a minimum of one flawed reply that’s primarily based on a standard miscalculation that loads if college students make, so all the time double examine your self.

#7. TRUST YOUR GUT. When you return to reply the questions that you’re not 100% positive of, belief your instinct.  If you ever learn that materials or discovered it, that reply continues to be in your mind.  Trust that your sub-conscious thoughts was discovering it for you when you went on with the remainder of the check.

#8. ACCEPT THE WORST-CASE SCENARIO. Recognize that the worst factor that may occur is that you’ll not go the primary time, and you’ll have to take it once more….so it is nothing to emphasize about. Some of finest brokers failed check. NO STRESS. You acquired this. Now go it!

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