How Much Money Do Real Estate Agents ACTUALLY Make?

How a lot cash do actual property brokers truly make?

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In this video, actual property agent and Realtor Matt Leighton talks about how a lot cash actual property brokers ACTUALLY make. $400,000 is a standard gross sales worth in Arlington, VA and Matt breaks down an instance fee (numbers used are common and will or might not be correct in your actual market).

If you might be on the lookout for the common actual property wage or how a lot actual property brokers truly make in commissions. Prices used are across the business common for houses on the market in Arlington, VA.

Here is the breakdown for a way a lot an actual property agent would make on a $400,000 sale:

Sales worth: $400,000
Buyer’s agent fee: 2.75% of the gross sales worth
$400,000 * .0275 = $11,000

Franchising price: 6% of gross fee
$11,000 * .94 = $10,340

Brokerage cut up: 30% of gross fee
$10,340 * .7 = $7,238

Team cut up: 15% of gross fee
$7,238 * .85 = $6,152.30

Desk price: $450
$6,152.30 – $450 = $5,702.30

Other bills:
— Taxes (all figures are pre-tax)
— Healthcare (your dealer is not going to pay in your healthcare
— Errors & Omissions Insurance
— BPOL tax (Business, Professional and Occupant License)

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