Germany Rental Real Estate Market Top 10 cities. Web Data scrapping project in Python.

The final my Python Web Data Scraping mission is about Real property rental market in Top 10 largest cities in Germany for 2017.

Following Germany cities has been taken into evaluation:
01. Berlin 0:03
02. Bremen 0:08
03. Dortmund 0:13
04. Düsseldorf 0:18
05. Frankfurt 0:23
06. Hamburg 0:28
07. Cologne 0:33
08. Leipzig 0:38
09. Munich 0:43
10. Stuttgart 0:48

Count of rooms and median of value per sq., median of value, median of space of property, median of value per sq. has been visualized by Power BI visualization software.

Data Visualization has been carried out by transferring longitudes and latitudes of properties to Google Maps in Power BI software. Costs are represented in Euros.

All knowledge has been scrapped by Python (Anaconda framework) and geocoded by Google Map API (video tutorial is right here:

Data supply: immobilienscout24

For scraping BeautifulSoup Python module has been utilized.

Sorry for poor high quality of slides with knowledge.
If you want excellent high quality actual property knowledge visualizations for this or another market you’ll be able to contact me right here in feedback on through LinkedIn (Vytautas Bielinskas).

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