BEST REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS IN PAKISTAN | Buying residential, commercial, industrial, Agri property

This video informs and guides about buying best real estate investment in Pakistan. Whether you are buying a residential property, commercial property or investing in agricultural land or even if you plan to invest in industrial land, it is the right content for you to watch. If you have saved money or are still saving, its time invest them in real estate. This sentence might seem
easy to apply but it actually is not that easy. You might have different objectives for investing in real estate e.g.
1) Short term house investment
2) Long term house investment
3) Investing in real estate to make a retirement fund.
4) Buying and selling the plot for future value
5) Investing in real estate for portfolio diversification
We would suggest that you should buy a property while keeping in mind all of the objectives. First of all you should buy a plot where an important road or milestone is being constructed. So if I explain this with
an example. When Lahore Ring Road construction was started the property there was really cheap and right after it was completed the property rate went high. Similarly, when Islamabad International Airport started its operations and flights started to land over there, the prices of land in the vicinity skyrocketed. The right opportunity at this stage is that if Rawalpindi/ Islamabad ring road starts, you should buy the land in the areas where there will be exits. These are few examples of larger cities but if you want to target some smaller city you should look at the same guidelines.

Second and very important point which has very high weightage is that you have to search and search well. There are areas where prices are lower in Pakistan market and these prices are lower for no reason. Similarly, there are societies in that area too where the prices are further less and that too for no reason. You should identify those and target them. The best place to find for this is your own city or neighboring cities. Overseas Pakistanis are at some disadvantage. It is difficult for them as you have to go into the market and search the things out and a full market information is required for this purpose.
There is buy market for commercial property. Some other times there is buy market in residential or agriculture market. Looking at your objectives identify the buy market and then invest in that market.
Lot of property dealers just try to speculate the market. What they do is that they buy all the plots in that area and create artificial shortage and then tend to sell it at a much higher rates. The identification of that market is that the price of plots will suddenly rise in that area. Try to prevent yourself from getting enticed and buying in that market.
Also try to identify the USP (Unique selling proposition) of plot which will eventually make you sell the plot at higher rates. Also buy the plot in the direction where city is expanding.
Once you are decided with some area, do check the rates of neighboring land. The land in the vicinity could be agricultural land and if it is do check the rates. The road network current and future needs to be analyzed


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